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Helpful Hints

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If you come up with anything else that you think might be helpful, please add it to the page!


To upload a file for use on your page. . .


A.  If you're in Page Edit mode, click on Images and Files on the right side of your screen (in the box).  It will give you the choice of Browse and Upload.  Once your image is uploaded, you should see it listed in the box.  Click on it to put it on your page.


B.  If you're in View mode (not editing a page), click on Upload File in the top right corner of the screen. Then click on Upload Files and select your file.  Then when you go to Edit mode, your file should be listed under Images and Files.



To add a link to your page. . .


A.  While in Edit mode, highlight the word you'd like to link to. 

B.  Then click on the icon on the editing bar that looks like a globe with a chain link.

C.  A box should pop up that says "Insert Link".  Change the link type to URL and type the address to your link (or paste it) in the URL box.




Video Options


1. Sketchcast.


2.  Youtube (blocked at school)


3.  Teachertube (not blocked at school)





Graphing Options


A.  gcalc


1. Click on GCalc 3 and double click on "Graph Plugin".

2. Enter your equation and graph it.

3. Go to Edit, Copy Graph, and paste it into Paint.

4. In Paint, Save it (as a .jpeg) and you can then insert it onto your page.


B.   webgraphing.

1.  Scroll down and select a calculator type, then type in your equation.

2.  Once you've graphed the equation, right-click on it and select save.  Make sure to save it as a .jpg

****Note:   Before you save the image, adjust the size of your paint screen.  Go to "Image" and "Attributes" to make the screen smaller (or just grab the handles on the box if you can).  Otherwise, when you insert the image onto your wiki page, it will be a huge window and a teeny tiny image.

3.  Upload your graph and put it on your page (copying and pasting doesn't preserve the graph for future views). 



Mathematical Notation


A.  I added a box to the sidebar that you can use for different notations.  You can only get to it when you're in read mode, so save what you're working on before you try and access it!  Click on the type of expression you want (a fraction, a radical, whatever), then change the values of a and b.  When you have what you want, right click, copy, and paste to your page.


B.  This is a website you can use to insert fractions/radicals/etc.  Once you get your expression, right-click on it, copy, and paste on your page.  (It's actually exactly what's in the sidebar if you can't get that option to work.)


C.  If you need to insert a triangle or some other shape, make it in Word using the drawing tools.  After you've created your drawing, copy it and paste it into Paint. Save this image as a .jpg, then you can upload your image and paste it onto your screen.


D.  If all else fails (and this should be a LAST RESORT!!), you can draw what you need in Paint, save as a .jpg, and upload. 





This website has some additional tools on it... check it out! http://studentblogwikitools.wikispaces.com/




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