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Solve inequalities like an equation, but with small changes...


When solving inequalities, answers must be put into interval notation.

     -Interval Notation

          -Looks like a ordered pair, beginning with the smallest number and ending with the greatest number.

          -Put parenthesis when the number is not to be included in the solution, or a bracket to include the number.

          -Join solutions together with a union symbol, or a capital U between them.

               ex. If a solution is x>11, then the solution in interval notation begins with the smallest number (11) and

                    reaches to infinity.




When you multiply or divide by a negative number, flip the inequality sign.

     ex. -4x<4



If there are powers in the inequality, or a fraction with variables, you must set the inequality equal to zero and solve.

After solving, the solutions are called critical numbers, which must be set on a number line.

Finally, plug values that fit in each section of the number line and see which works to find the final solution to the inequality.

     ex. x^2-2x+1


          ------ -1 ------ 1 -------      Plug in values and see which sections are true, then write the intervals in interval notation.




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